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Works In Progress

I am currently working on several themes whose ideas intersect. My aim is to explore ideas surrounding longing and belonging, confusion and stress, upheaval and injury these ideas relate to collective memory, how are they stored in our bodies and how they define who we are.

Material Remains

The Angel In The House

Longing, wishing, dreaming, belonging. Home. What paths or passages have we followed?  To what do we connect?  What are we hungry for?  Where do we dwell and is it a refuge for us?  The nuances….empty corners….the unexpected silent agitation.  


This series questions tropes surrounding family roles and systems….it asks questions about nature and nurture….about emptiness and belonging. Where are our roots?  How do we connect to them?  How are we able to grow and take flight in light of the past?

An offshoot from my Angel In The House series these images explore what is left after the emotional storm. Clues….bits and pieces.  What story do they tell? What can we reconstruct?  


I think we all dig. What do we hope to find?  Will these stories ultimately help us or hurt us? Can we escape the ghosts?  Or are we predetermined to create our lives in response? 

Daughters of the Diaspora 

The logical next step in the journey. This series addresses ongoing questions about identity, internalized trauma and ancestral memory.  A continued exploration of where and how we feel at home as well as our comfort, or lace thereof, in that space. How has the emotional storm affected who we are? What are our stories? What will the stories of our children be? 

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